Dr. Shamanur Shivashankarappa Janakalyan Trust

· How old is SSJKT?

SSJKT was established in the year 2012.

· How do I ensure that whatever I donate will be used correctly?

The entire management process of SSJKT is evaluated by a transparent audit system - programme and project audit, internal and process audit, statutory audit and external audit, which ensure the correct utilization of funds.

· Can I donate old clothes, computers, books, food supplies, etc.?

We appreciate your inclination to support the deprived in all the possible ways. However, at SSJKT we only accept donations.

· Are the programs of the Foundation all over India?

Yes, our activities are not limited to the states.

· Can I donate to the Foundation?

Yes, we do accept donations from individuals / Organizations.

· Do you award scholarship for a non-degree course?

Yes, scholarship is awarded for Degree and Non Degree Courses.

· Is there any special preferences given to any course?

No, any course from a recognized college or university.

· Can I get scholarship for the conference or internship, I am attending abroad?

· No, Scholarship is not awarded for conferences, internship, paper presentation or any such.

· Is scholarship given for abroad studies?

No, applicant cannot be granted scholarship for abroad studies to any country or city in the world.

· I am Indian but currently staying abroad and plan to study further, can I apply?

No, you cannot apply.

· Is there any scholarship exam or any test for scholarship?

No, there is no exam or entrance test for scholarship. It is based on purely merit of the case

· Can I submit my application through Online?

Yes, you have to fill and submit application online. Take the print out of submitted application and need to send along with all necessary documents duly signed by your Principal or Head of the Institute to the address mentioned on the application.

· How many days will it take for announcing scholarship?

It would take 30 working days.

· Can I send the incomplete application or incomplete proofs?

No, it shall be considered incomplete and the application will not be processed.

· Do you have branches for SSJKT?

No, SSJKT currently only operates from Davangere, Karnataka.